Matt Potter


A bit of background.....



Product design started for me with machining.  After completing an apprenticeship program I eventually became a Tool and Die Maker.  While in this position I was involved in product design making prototypes.  Over time I found my way to Industrial Design and became part of the product development team.

While working for a Dept. of Defense contractor I expanded out into other industries and startups.  Variety in working with different companies has helped to create a broad base of knowledge that has informed each design today.  Eventually I relocated to Silicon Valley to make an impact on people's lives.  

Currently residing in San Francisco I am a graduate of California College of the Arts in the Industrial Design program.  I am an officer for the Industrial Design Society of America, San Francisco.  The Bay Area has proved to be inspirational and I have enjoyed collaborating with all of the amazing designers that help to push each other forward.





1600 15th St.

San Francisco, CA 94103